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Fundus forma d.o.o. - Products-drafts boards

Drawing boards

Drawing boards RD

Drawing Boards RD
- perfectly flat and light
- two types of surface materials (okume i mediapan)
- three standard dimension
okume mediapan dimensions
RD/105/OK RD/105/M 75 x 105 cm - large
RD/82/OK RD/82/M 62 x 82 cm - medium
RD/75/OK RD/75/M 55 x 75 cm - small

Drawing board with an inclination RD/12Š

- multi – purpose drawing board ( music stand, book stand and similar )
- board can be set to 4 angles of inclination
- pedestal, steamed beech
- board, plywood 12 mm thick
- dimensions, 55 x 75 cm