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Fundus forma d.o.o. - Production and trade of painting background

Production of painting accessories

Fundus-Forma d.o.o. is company specialized for production and trade of all kinds of painting accessories.
Our main product is grounded pre-stretched canvas.
Linen is manually prepared with traditional recipe. Along with more than hundred standard dimensions, we are producing custom canvas sizes.
Our easels are made of high-quality steamed beech wood in over than 20 different sizes. We recently expanded our production with several trestle models, drawing boards and palettes.
For more information, check out our web site, catalogue or call us.

  • Wooden subframes

    Wooden subframes

    Wooden subframes for grounded canvases »more

  • Grounded canvas

    Grounded canvas

    Top quality canvases, made by hand »more

  • Eeasels


    Painting, sculptural and placing easels »more

  • Trestels


    Solid and stable trestels for holding drawing boards »more

  • Drawing boards

    Drawing boards

    Drawing boards in several different sizes »more

  • Palettes


    Palettes for paint stirring, square and oval shaped »more